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Posted on: October 18, 2009 6:34 pm

3rd Sat. in October: Bama and the Vols

Well its finally here! After back and forth streaks, Bama has taken over the series and has won the last 2 and 3 of the last 4 (if Im right). Bama has just taken hold of the #1 spot in the AP Poll, after beating S. Carolina 20-6, while Tennessee is coming off of a bye after a surprising demolishing of Georgia, 45-19. Some wonder if Bama is a little bit overrated. Some want to know who the heck is going to show up this week-Crompdaddy and Da Boys, or InCromptent and... Who? So lets break it down...

Well the keys are simple for Tennessee:
1 Stop Ingram
2 Stop Ingram
3 Occasionally stop Ingram
4 And if all else fails, stop Ingram

Ok I have a feeling that they could do all for of those things and they still wouldnt be able to stop Ingram. Now I do think they will be able to slow Ingram down and have success in the 1st half and into the 3rd quarter maybe, but how long they have to stay on the field will determine final stats. I think they will have most success putting pressure on McElroy and trying to confuse him. I dont think he will have a good game. He may not lose the game for him, but look for him to struggle. Montes D is built for the more traditional style offense (see UGA game vs Aub game), which is a big plus for the Vols. Speaking of which how about their D against Georgia? Never let them get past the 34. Wow.
So can they get anything done on offense? If Hardesty has anything to say about it, the running game should do somewhat good. I dont expect the run game nor Bamas run D to have a great day, I think it will be pretty well split. The big question is what about passing game? Yeah it was against UGAs bad D, but not only did Crompton look good, but the WRs CAUGHT THE BALL! They were great. So if we see more of the same, UT has a excellent, yes, and EXCELLENT chance at beating Bama. But thats a BIG if.
Special teams will determine how big of a victory it will be for the Tide, therefore I think its the key for the game. Even though Kiffin promised improvement from the Auburn game (he said hed put every starter in there if he had to), they still played one of the worst preformances in awhile. Well Im talking about coverage. And Whomever is returning punts needs to step up. Im also assuming Arenas is going to play and be fine-so fine he looks like Mr Untouchable. I have a feeling Bama will be set up for some easy points. Maybe that helps UT since they wont be on the field as long?
I think this will be a Bama/SC type deal, one score difference until Bama puts it away with a FG.

Ok so I talked more about UT but o well lol. Heres my predicted score:

Tide 22, Vols 13

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