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Review of the Vols: Kiffin's debut a nice one

Note: There are many of you that say "You beat a crappy team, big whoop." More than likely, you didnt watch the game and dont know what they looked like compared to last years.
OK, this is it! The ball is kicked off and reality sets in-its happening. Fulmer is not on the sidelines. Its Kiffin. After what seemed like forever for this offseason to come and go, the Lane Kiffin Era is real now. He and his staff are calling real, live plays.
So it starts off with WKU getting the ball 1st. OK, the defense is suffocating, no surprise. Now the offense has it. Kiffins 1st play is called. The 1st series is taking place. Lets see what kind of team compared to not only last years offense, but compared to a Fulmer offense. But moslty compared to last years.
TE Brandon Warren puts the ball on the ground. Ok. Hardesty fumbles? Huh? Crompton is picked off??? What the screw???
That was the 1st quarter. But from the 2nd quarter on, you could see a difference in this Tennessee squad.
I dont care if the school for the deaf and dumb could beat WKU. I know the Hilltoppers suck beyond recognition. But listen to me, this was about Tennessee. And this was alot different that last years offense.
Last year the Vols beat N Illinois 13-7. 13 points is not a typo. Then they lost, yes lost to Wyoming, only scoring 7 points. Crompton couldnt hit the broadside of a barn, the WRs dropped passes and my gosh the line couldnt block. There was confusion. Crompton stared his target down the entire time and, in most cases, threw it at the WRs feet. Guys, he threw it in the stands on 4TH DOWN one time. Yell
Not saturday. Crompton looked very sharp. 2 tipped INTs are not always his fault (thought the 1st one was). He didnt look confused, he was extremely accurate, and he was having fun. He looked completely different. He didnt have to think. He was playing football.
Sure he didnt have pressure in his face and super tight coverage (altho once he got hit and made a pretty pass for a TD). But this wasnt about THEM saturday guys, it was about the VOLS. Take away the 1st couple of turnovers and they didnt beat themselves, which was their main problem last year.
Then we got the big boys up front. Sure this isnt an SEC type Dline theyre up against. But they had 170 yards rushing against Wyoming and N Illinois COMBINED. Yep, 170. 380 is alot better. No more flipping. Laughing
Speaking of the backs, I think as long as we have solid blocking they will do some damage, especially late in the game with fresh legs.
And the freshman didnt play like freshmen. (Richardson isnt the answer on punt returns anyway) Teague was very nice and Brown and Oku seem ready to contribute. Hopefully Brown will get alittle more physical.
Then we got the playcalling, which I thought was very nice. I was pretty pleased with it. (TE was acually involved) And how the team kept playing hard after the big lead. Crompton was in there longer than I expected, but that answered my question of how many live reps did Kiffin want the 1st string to get.

So am I saying we are ready for the big boys, or even that we will demolish UCLA? NO! But Im telling you why this 63-7 win over a terrible team is worth smiling over. It appears we might have a chance at a good year. Sure, Alabama will treat our offense like they did VTs, and sure there will be some picks and fumbles. But Im willing to bet that 90% of that will come via the other team, NOT because or team shot themselves in the foot. No one beat UT last year. They beat themselves. Dont look for alot of that this year.

Go Vols!
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